Friday, October 23, 2009

2 months!!

so as you might have guessed, yesterday was my two month mark, and im feeling great :P
i dont remember my exact going ons , but ill give you the general overview.
at the begining of the my, my host sister who studies in prage came into town with her boyfriend. that saturday we went to climb the radagast mountain. it was a couple hour drive to get there, but once we arrived, it was a full days worth of hill climbing. about half way up was a huge statue of the pagan god Radagast (also the inspiration for radagast beer). and not 10 meters away was an out door cafe stand selling, you guessed it BEER! altho i didnt get to try it, i was informed that it was very good :)
once at the top it was about 5 degrees Celsius with heavy winds. we walked up to the little church to take some picture, then hurried to the hotle for some warm soup and tea.

yet another amazing view :)

the following weekend, my parents threw me a "welcome to czech!" party and invieted everyone involved with my rotary exchange here in CZ :P
it was a little late, but definitely not unappreciated. i finally succeded in baking chocolate chip cookies, and everone at the party seemed very impressed :)
that tuesday, my religion class went on a full day trip to olomocs. i believe it is the third largest city in CZ, and has a rich religious background. we visited three churches and one museum. after that we were set free for lunch. a couple girls i had not met before invited me to join them and we had some great half czech half english conversation. after lunch we got back on the bus and went home.

on friday i had my first private czech lesson... it went really well, and my teacher is really great. i cant wait till i can actually converse with my class mates! its gunna be great :P

last weekend, i went with Dina and her friend to my first cinema! actually its not too exciting, considering our local cinema is more like the Warner theare in morgantown, but i was cool. got to see "inglorious bastards", ironic because it was an american movie that was not dubded... but since it took place in europe, it was a mix of German, French and English... with only Czech subtitles... consequently, i only cought about 1/3 of the dialogue :P
on Saturday my friend Kristine from Trabec spent the night and we did a little carving pumpkin carving, followed by another movie in Zlin. it was quite crazy :D

this week at school has been quite... routine :P but i have been trying to eat school lunch more ofter, and its actually not too bad, the only problem is that they have huge portions! got out of school early today due to confirmation, so it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on the blog!
this weekend im scheduled to go golfing with the Hrabalovi family. i have never golfed before... so this should be fun!!! :D

i like bennys "3 differences" he does at the end of each blog, so i think im gunna give it a try :)

1) shoes are not worn in school. just like at home, you get to school and switch straight into slippers, and then change back when its time to go... its so comfy!
2) EVERYONE carries pocket sized tissue containers, and it is perfectly socially acceptable to loudly blow your nose whenever need be. im not complaining, i love a good, clear nose. it always beats constant sniffles, but it took some getting use to :P
3)whenever a teacher enters the classroom, the entire class stands, and doesn't sit till the teacher says so... i dont quite understand it, but its working well so far!
4) (i know its too many i just really wanted to say this one) there is not a bell that rings to signify the changing of classes. instead, a little song plays over the intercom... the first time i heard it, i had to ask what was going on :)

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