Monday, September 28, 2009

Update :)

ah, its abou time i wrote again, i have had trouble finding the time :P
My weekend in zlin was wonderful. On Saturday we went to Brno and toured Hrad Spilberk. I went to my first mall here in Czech. we had some ice cream and did a little bit of shopping. they had some great stores but I didn't recognize most of them. On Sunday I visited the old Bat'a factory. I couldn't believe the view from the top of the 21 building! At home we had a delicious lunch and I got to spend some quality time with their dog, Creepy :)
that week was pretty much uneventful. I went to my classes, and began to attend double dance lessons on Wednesdays :) Thursday was Ondrej and Eliska's 26th anniversary, so we went out to eat at a lovly restaurant in a neighboring town. That weekend Hana and her cousin Vladena came to town from Prague. They stayed here for Friday night, then on Saturday we hopped the vlek (train) to Stramberk for their grandmas 80th birthday... We stay at her house, yet again it had an amazing place... I guess Czech is blessed in that way. Most of the family was there that night, and I actually found some people to talk to... there were many little kids there that knew about as much czek as I do :P Everyone was there for a special mass on Sunday and a party afterwards. The Debef clan is a really great bunch of people :)
This weekend was super busy :D
Friday I attended my first scout meeting. We are planning for a ball this winter :) after that, I went to a local pub to celebrate Dina's 19th birthday, and from there went to Sludy. Eliska, Ondrej, myself, and a doctor friends drove to Trebec on Saturday morning to meet a group of doctors and their families for their yearly get together. We toured a pivovar and I met a girl who night be going on exchange next year :) at night we ate an excellent meal in the cellar of the winery we were staying at. Sunday morning we left for home where Zuzanna invited me to spend the day touring with some Dutch Rotarians that were in the area working on a program with autistic children and wanted to see the town. They were wonderful to talk to and I might (miiiight) get to visit them in Amsterdam this spring. I have my fingers crossed X-).
zuzanna Me only picture i got of the dutch Rotarians :P
Today was a Czech religious holiday honoring their patron saint, good king Vaclav, so, not school :P today we just relaxed in the house and tried (and failed) to make chocolate chip cookies.... but no worries, we have another attempt scheduled for this week. Wish us luck!
I miss everyone at home! i hope everyone is well :)


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