Friday, September 11, 2009

all that jazz

So, an update of my going ons (for the 2-3 people who actually read my blog ;-))

I went to my first official Rotary meeting two Mondays ago, and got to hand over my Morgantown North flag and a very special Morgantown pin I was fortunate enough to have found. I was told I would receive their flag at my next meeting. I think the meeting was mostly about me, but my Czech is still quite shaky, so I just sat there and tried to look like I understood them.

School started the next morning. I went for the entirety of 3 hours in which I met my main teacher, and went to first day of school mass. Since then school has been going very well and everyone had been very nice to me. Dina and my English teacher have been a huge help. Schedules are really wacky but I usually just follow the heard of kids and try not to get lost.

Last weekend my second host father drove me up to Strecno, Slovakia for my inbound orientation, where I got to see tons of people in cluding a girl from my district who when to Slovakia, and Jacqueline!!

That was a BLAST. We traded pins and cards and had fun getting to know each other.

Saturday we went took a boat ride (I got to help drive)to the Strecno and took a tour. It had a really amazing view

but the castle itself was rather uneventful. I got home Sunday night, watched a couple classic Czech movies and passed out.

Wednesday I went to my first dance class "Vyucovane Tance". The class teaches classic dances, and almost everyone around my age attends. it is also a class for proper edict, so we were all required to dress in formal suits and cocktail dresses. Eliska and Dina helped me pick out a beautiful pair of heals and advised me on my dress choice. Afterwards some friends asked me to join them for drinks at a pub down the street(all non-alcoholic in case anyone was wondering), and we had a really nice time.

Yesterday Zuzanna took me to an exercise ball class that meets each Thursday, and I think we are going to make that a habit. She is a English teacher, so she helps me with my Czech too. And

When I got home we had a nice dinner with Jitka and her husband.

Today I had my first music class at school. I'm not positive, but I think I joined the school choir... it looks like fun; hopefully it will fit in my schedule. Now I’m packing for a weekend at my Petr Lukovic's (my counselor) house. I haven’t really gotten to talk to him much, so I think this will be a good time to get to know him and his family, can’t wait :)


  1. I follow your blog and I enjoyed the pics on Facebook. Do you see how many people "read" your blog or do you just depend the the number of comments? I will put a counter on the Rotary site to see how many people access your blog through that path. Keep on having fun....Clark

  2. Thanx clark :) this is actually the first comment ive gotten on my blog, so i only know if ppl tell me. im glad you enjoy it. hope everything i well with you