Saturday, August 29, 2009

Going strong

On Tuesday(aka the day of many stairs) Dina and I went to see Arcibiskupsky zamek a zahrady v Kromeriz, the local chateau. She said this was where royalty would go if they ever came to Kromeriz, apparently almost every town in Europe has one. After walking up about four floors worth of a spiral stone spiral staircase to get to the top, it had a really great view of the city, we could see everything! We were going to go on a tour of the living spaces, but it was in Czech… I think I will probably visit again once I have a better handle on the language J

Next we went to Květná zahrada v Kroměříži. It was about a 20 min walk from town, but very worth it. It was a very large zahrada (garden), with some amazing gardeners. All the bushes and flowers were perfectly trimmed into unique beautiful larger pictures. All the different gardens were connected by tall bush lined paths. After all that walking we stopped for some bonaqua before we headed home.

Wednesday we hung out in the local park (the one with the animals), and went home for lunch. Eliska and Ondrej took us to a neighboring city for the evening, which was called Velehrad. We toured a “Fortified settlement of the Great Moravian Empire era” that graciously provided me with a description in English J Down the road we visited the Velehrad church which had a lot of information on the two men who brought Christianity to the area. Las t of the day we went to a garden in the neighboring city and took a tour of the palace. For dinner I got try a local non alcoholic plum beer, it was quite a treat.

Thursday we visited the Andy Warhol museum in town and ate lunch with Eliska, Ondrej, and Arika (work associate). That night Dina and I helped Eliska make fruit dumplings for dinner.

Yesterday Martin drove Dina and I out and we all went roller blading on a trail.

Today we went to the Kromeriz harvest festival. There were costumes, customs, and much more. I got to see many traditional dances and even got to meet the mayor of Kromeriz (he gave me a harvest festival bouquet :P).

Afterwards Eliska took me shopping at the harvest market in the town square, where I tried this honey drink that she really likes. I got to use a pay to pee koupelna for the first time… it was strange, but they were very well kept facilities :P to end a very lovely day, we went out to a very nice kavarna for drinks. I got something called an, “American Lemonade”(above). I’m not sure why it was American, but it was tasty J Eliska and I just got back from church at Pana Maria and are now getting ready for dinner.

School starts next Tuesday, and rotary orientation is next weekend, lots to look forward to :P

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