Thursday, August 13, 2009

dum da da dum!

Alrighty.... so... guess what?

ok, i know you, you'll never guess it :)

i got my itinerary on monday!!! im so relieved that everything is going as planned (so far)

i will be leaving from Pitt airport on friday the 21st at 12:40, and after a couple transfers, will arrive at Prague airport at 8:45 the next day.

Today was monumental for two reasons,
jedna: I finally began to pack!
dva: i have officially started saying my goodbyes.. (sigh)

wish me luck on both accounts...

to everyone in the states, im gunna miss you!
and to those in czech, see ya soon!!!

(ps. i promiss ill actually have something interesting to say once i get there :P)

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