Thursday, August 20, 2009

pre flight jitters

i leave tomorrow.... does any one else find that a little daunting? dont get me wrong, i am unbelievably excited... it just seems a little unreal right now...

late last week i finally got to skype with my first family in Czech, the Debefs... i have to say that that was probably the most nerve wracking 3 min of my whole summer. Lucky for me, they seem super nice, and very understanding. When asking if there was anything special that i should bring, Bara, conforted my by saying, "you are my sister, you are my parents daughter, be quiet"

thank you Bara, you really helped calm my nerves :)

i can only hope, i wasnt to take the quiet thing to literaly :P

gifts, check
cloths, check
visaed passport, check

now all i have left to do is make it to the airport in one piece!

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